Catfish Stardew Valley Guide
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Catfish Stardew Valley Guide

Stardew Valley players like catfish. Players farm, raise livestock, mine, and fish in the game. As players progress, catfish are a valuable resource.

Fishing rods catch catfish in the Pelican Town River. They must cast their line and wait for the catfish to bite. After the fish bites, players must slowly reel in the line while watching the tension metre to avoid breaking it. Catfish are hard to catch because they fight.

One of the main benefits of catching catfish in Stardew Valley is feeding them to chickens and pigs. High-quality catfish improves the player’s animals’ health and happiness. Thus, it benefits both players who want to keep their animals healthy and productive and those who want to profit from them.

Catfish can be sold to make money and feed animals. Catfish are worth 60 gold coins. Catfish can be sold for a lot of money, so fishermen should catch as many as they can.

Stardew Valley also lets you craft items with catfish. Fish tacos, a high-energy food, can be made from catfish. Sushi, another high-energy food, can be made from catfish. Fish burgers, which boost energy, are made from catfish.

Catfish help players improve their fishing skills in addition to being nutritious. Players gain fishing experience by catching catfish. This will make catching catfish and other game fish easier.

In Stardew Valley, catfish provide food for animals, income, and crafting materials. For players looking to profit and advance, it’s worth catching. Whether you’re a veteran farmer or new to Stardew Valley, the catfish is worth your time.

Where to Catch Catfish in Stardew Valley?

Players can catch catfish in many bodies of water.

The Stardew Valley river is a popular catfishing spot. Catfish fishing can begin at this river on the map’s north end. Players can use a rod and bait to catch catfish in the river, but the current can make it harder.

Stardew Valley’s Carpenter’s Shop lake is great for catfishing. Its calm waters and diverse fish population make this lake east of the map a popular fishing spot. Catfish, bass, and sunfish can be caught in the lake with a rod and bait.

Stardew Valley’s farm ponds are good for catfishing. Farm ponds are calm, easy-to-access fishing spots. Players can catch catfish, perch, and bluegill in the ponds with a fishing rod and bait.

Stardew Valley’s ocean has catfish too. The ocean to the west of the map is great for catfish fishing due to its size and variety of fish. Catfish, sardines, and anchovies can be caught in the ocean with a fishing rod and bait.

Finally, Stardew Valley’s crab pots catch catfish. Dropping crab pots into the water catches fish. Crab pots catch catfish and other fish in rivers, lakes, ponds, and the ocean.

Stardew Valley’s river, lake near the Carpenter’s Shop, farm ponds, ocean, and crab pots all have catfish. Players need a rod, bait, and knowledge of the river’s current and fish species to catch catfish. Stardew Valley’s challenging and fun fishing will keep you entertained for hours.

How to Catch Catfish in Stardew Valley?

Catfish, one of many fish types in the game, is a valuable and versatile ingredient that can be used in many recipes or sold for a profit. Players need bait, equipment, and a few simple steps to catch catfish. This guide will help you catch catfish in Stardew Valley and improve your chances.

Step 1: Gather Resources

Check your gear before catfishing. Start with a fishing rod. Willy, the fishing vendor, sells them, or you can make one from bamboo, fibre, and coal. Bait is necessary. Worms and grubs attract catfish, so stock up before fishing.

Step 2: Choose a Location

Go to deeper rivers and lakes to find catfish. These areas have darker water. Catfish hide in dense vegetation. Catfish rarely live in shallow lakes, so avoid them when fishing.

Step 3: Prepare the Bait

After finding the perfect spot, bait your hook. Make sure your hook’s worm or grub won’t fall off while casting. To ensure your line hits the bottom in murky water, add weight.

Step 4: Make a Line

After baiting, cast your line. When ready, release the right mouse button to cast your line. To catch more catfish, drop your line. Cast your line towards deeper water when lake fishing.

Step 5: Wait for a Bite

After casting, wait for a bite. The float on your line moves or clicks when a fish bites. To reel in the line, press the left mouse button quickly. Catfish move quickly, so you must act quickly to catch them.

Step 6: Fishing

Reel a fish after hooking it. Use the right mouse button to reel in your line, keeping it tight to prevent fish escape. Use the left mouse button to control the fish if it wiggles away. Press spacebar to remove fish from water.

What Are Catfish Used For In Stardew Valley?

The player’s farm’s economy and survival depend on catfish, one of the game’s fish species.

Catfish is primarily eaten. The game’s pond, river, and ocean have catfish. Players can sell the fish or cook it to increase its value and healing properties. When farming or mining, eating catfish is essential for player health and energy.

Catfish is eaten and cooked. Players can craft sashimi, which requires three catfish and provides energy. Fish Stew, made from catfish, boosts energy and health.

Bait requires catfish. Catfish bait can catch more fish. Players can catch catfish, make bait, and catch more fish to sell or make more bait.

Stardew Valley trades catfish as well as food and bait. The local shopkeeper and travelling vendor buy catfish. Players can make a lot of money selling catfish. This money can be used to improve their farm and buy necessities.

Stardew Valley fishing tournaments use catfish. Players compete in fishing tournaments to catch the biggest and most valuable fish. These competitions often use catfish to earn points and prizes.

Finally, Stardew Valley entertains with catfish. Players can catch catfish while fishing. Fishing lets players relax and earn experience and rewards.

Locations to Find Catfish

They inhabit rivers, lakes, and ponds. With knowledge and patience, you can improve your catfish fishing chances. This article discusses catfish fishing in some of the best spots and what to expect.


Catfish thrive in rivers. Catfish and other fish live in them. Best catfish rivers include:

Mississippi River – The world’s largest river is home to many catfish species. Its big catfish attract anglers.

Catfish also like the Ohio River. Anglers love its large channel catfish population.

Missouri River – The Missouri River has many catfish species.


Lakes have catfish too. Catfish love their drop-offs, weed beds, and channels, unlike rivers. Best catfish lakes include:

Catfish love Lake Eufaula. Anglers flock there for its channel and flathead catfish.

Lake of the Ozarks has many catfish species.

Lake Texoma is another catfish hotspot. Its big catfish attract anglers.


Catfish are abundant in ponds, especially for beginners. Catfish thrive in them, and fishing is more relaxed than in larger bodies of water. Best catfish ponds:

Catfish thrive in farm ponds. Catfish thrive in them, and fishing is more relaxed than in larger bodies of water.

Catfish also thrive in stock ponds. Catfish stock them, making them great fishing spots.

Community Ponds – Many communities stock public ponds with catfish for recreational fishing.

Rivers, lakes, and ponds have catfish. Catfish have different structures and habitats in each location. Knowing where to look can improve your catfish fishing success and enjoyment. These spots will thrill and reward anglers of all levels.

Catfish Value And Uses

It can be sold for a lot and has many game uses. Thus, catfish are essential for Valley residents who want to farm or live comfortably.

Stardew Valley uses catfish for its high selling price. It sells for 80 gold coins. If you want to make money fast, farm catfish. Willy, the local fisherman, sells and catches catfish. For profit-seeking players, catfish is a great investment.

Cooking and crafting use catfish. It makes Fried Catfish, Fish Tacos, and Sashimi. These dishes are tasty and give players bonuses. Fish Tacos boost health, while Fried Catfish boosts energy. Catfish is a great ingredient, especially when you’re working on a big project, due to these benefits.

Catfish is great for fishing contests, cooking, and crafting. Stardew Valley regularly hosts fishing contests where players can compete and win prizes. Catfish are prized in these competitions, so having a few will give you an edge. If you catch a big catfish, you can win even more prizes, making it a great investment for fishermen.

Catfish make great gifts. Stardew Valley lets you improve relationships by giving items. Giving catfish to the right character can improve your relationship. Thus, catfish is a great item to have if you want to make friends in the game.

Catfish is easy to catch and useful. Catfish, unlike other fish, are abundant in the river and can be caught with various rods and bait. If you want to improve your fishing skills and make some money, farm this item.

10 Reasons you Need Catfish

  • Any serious farmer needs catfish. Stardew Valley farms need catfish for ten reasons:
  • Catfish have the highest profit margins. Players make 200g per fish selling them.
  • Catfish provide year-round income.
  • Catfish are easy to catch with fishing rods or crab pots. Fishing spots across the game map contain them.
  • Players looking to improve their cooking skills can use catfish in many dishes.
  • Stardew Valley players should collect catfish because they’re rare.
  • Catfish are rare and hard to catch, so catching them helps players improve their fishing skills.
  • The game’s high-quality catfish boosts energy and health.
  • Catfish are needed to complete community centre bundles, helping the player restore the centre.
  • Quests often require catfish, making them essential for completing the game.
  • Catfish are great gifts for the game’s characters, increasing friendship and unlocking new content.

Catfish for Gifting

Catfish are popular Stardew Valley gifts. A river or lake fishing rod and bait can catch this freshwater fish. Catfish can be cooked, gifted, and bartered in the game.

The ease of catching catfish makes it a popular gift. Catfish, unlike other Stardew Valley fish, can be found in both the lake and the river, making it available to players at any time. Players won’t waste time searching for the catfish because it’s one of the game’s most common fish.

Versatility makes catfish a popular gift. Players can make villagers like them by giving them catfish. The catfish can be traded with the game’s vendors, making it a useful item.

Catfish in Stardew Valley is most interesting when cooked. Fish tacos, sushi, and stew are made from catfish. These dishes can be sold or gifted to other villagers.

Catfish gifts must consider the recipient. Know who you’re giving the fish to in Stardew Valley. Some villagers prefer gourmet gifts, while others prefer seeds or tools.

Stardew Valley’s mayor, Lewis, is a popular recipient of catfish. A catfish will please Lewis, who loves fishing. Giving Lewis catfish will get players exclusive items and upgrades.

Catfish can also woo eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in Stardew Valley. Catfish can help you fall in love with a potential partner. Marriage and children can enhance your gaming experience.

Catfish Recipes

Catfish recipes are tasty and filling.

The easiest catfish recipe is catfish fry. This dish requires frying catfish in oil. Catfish browns quickly on both sides. Salt, pepper, and lemon juice flavour catfish after cooking. Serve with rice or vegetables.

Catfish stew is another favourite. Simmer catfish, vegetables, and seasonings in a pot until cooked. This dish requires chopping onions, carrots, celery, and potatoes and sautéing them in a large pot with oil. After adding chicken broth, bay leaves, thyme, salt, and pepper, add the catfish. Simmer the stew until the catfish and vegetables are tender, 20–30 minutes.

For a quick meal, players can grill catfish. Oil the grill grates before grilling catfish fillets. Grill the catfish for 4-5 minutes per side until cooked and crispy. Grilled catfish with grilled vegetables or a salad makes a healthy meal.

Summertime catfish skewers are tasty. This dish requires skewering catfish fillets, cherry tomatoes, and red onion and brushing them with olive oil. Grill the skewers until the catfish is cooked and the vegetables are charred, 4-5 minutes per side. Serve with rice or crusty bread for a complete meal.

For a healthy, tasty meal, players can bake catfish. Players should season and oil the catfish before baking it. Catfish should be cooked through and flaky after 15-20 minutes at 375°F. Baked catfish with roasted vegetables or salad makes a complete meal.

To conclude, Stardew Valley recipes can use catfish, a tasty and versatile fish. Players can make catfish fry, stew, or skewers. If Stardew Valley players want a quick meal, check their inventory for catfish!

Tips for Catching Catfish

Stardew Valley’s rivers are full of large, tasty catfish. There are many ways to catch catfish.

Bottom-dwelling catfish prefer live bait like worms, grubs, and crickets. Catfish bite better in warmer water, so use seasonal bait.

Catfish are most active at night and early morning, so try your luck then.

Know where to fish: Catfish live in deep, murky, slow-moving water. Near underwater rocks, logs, and plants, they are more common.

Use a heavy line: Catfish are heavy and strong, so use a heavy line. Once hooked, a heavy line makes reeling in easier.

Use a strong rod to keep the line tight and prevent the catfish from escaping. A sensitive rod helps you detect catfish bites.

Be patient:  Catfish bite slowly. Give them enough time to bite.

When a catfish bites, set the hook. A fast, firm hook set will help you catch the fish.

Play the fish gently: Don’t overwork a catfish. Reel slowly and tightly to keep the fish from escaping.

Use a landing net to safely land a catfish. Make sure your net can catch the fish.

Use proper catch-and-release methods if you don’t plan to keep the catfish. This will keep the fish healthy and catchable.

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